Choosing a pest control company doesn’t have to be extremely hard, but it can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re getting. Things to be cautious about when picking a pest control company include pushy service contracts, inadequate service, and out of scope service requests.

Pushy Service Contracts

Be wary of companies who are clearly forcing you to have a service contract when they visit you for a single service repair. A lot of technicians or salesmen will try to encourage you by exaggerating your problem. Some shady companies might even intentionally give you poor service if you refuse to sign on a monthly agreement. The professionals do well to entice you with your overall annual savings. The price for completing a single service can be as high as $500 and then the monthly agreement would be only a fraction of the cost.

Inadequate Service

Check company references before committing to them. If you see a lot of customers complaining that the job didn’t improve after the visit or a repeat visit you might want to reconsider. Also look out for late technicians or other poor customer service issues regarding phone calls or bad attitudes. You are relying on your expert pest control company to care just as much about your problem as you do. Make sure you ask the right questions about how the service is rendered so you can hopefully avoid committing to a single service until you’re comfortable. See how they get through scope of work. If you’re removing a raccoon or opossum from under your home, will the technician only grab what is active and visible or will they look around to make sure there isn’t an entire family down there. You need a service technician that takes proper initiative. For bedbugs, ask if they will check around the entire mattress or just the side that is showing. If you have a bedbug issue now just search for a bed bug control des moines ia.

Out Of Scope Requests

Some companies or technicians have certain issues that they just won’t deal with such as mice, dark areas, crawl spaces, some bugs, and heights. Check out which services the company provides and which areas are off limits before you hire the company to come out. If you don’t take those precautions you could be paying more because you’ll still have to pay for the technician’s time on your property. Usually there is a minimum charge owed as soon as you place the call. This initial charge is added to your end bill.


Picking a company to handle a live problem can be tricky. The best way to remedy this situation is to ask the pest control company if they will resolve your problem first and then you can submit payment. If they refuse to provide the service instead of getting paid up front, then you need to ask them if they will guarantee the service. You need some type of protection in case their solution does not resolve your issue. Remember the most important things to watch out for when you’re hiring a pest control company is pushy service contracts, inadequate service, and out of scope requests.